About me

Growing up in South Africa exposed me to the intricacies of a doing business in a developing economy, the importance of natural resources for socio-economic systems and got me hooked on scuba diving.  Life then took me to London where I spent 8 years, and this allowed me to deliver high-profile projects, engage with diverse business cultures and kindled a passion for exploring other countries and cultures.  In Vancouver, I refined my diverse set of professional skills, worked with global brands on challenging water and sustainability issues and added skiing and snowboarding to my extracurricular skill set.

My values

Deliver Consistency

  This means delivering against  promises and produce high quality outputs that add value to your business. 

Create Partnerships

This means developing a long-term working relationship with you and sharing my professional networks.

Provide Flexibility

This means I seek to accommodate your unique timelines and operational locations in how I deliver my work. 

Develop Capabilities

This means working to transfer and share my knowledge with your organisation to ensure I contribute to building your internal capabilities.