Published works:
The Road to Context: Contextual Strategy Guide (Embedding Project - May 2017)
Exploring the case for corporate context-based water metrics (CEO Water Mandate Paper - April 2017)
From conflict to context-based metrics (Revolve Magazine - January 2017)

Quotes in articles/interviews:
- Rylan Dobson & Water Stewardship (The Postive Change - April 2019)

Other professional positions:  

Conference & speaking engagements:
- National Business Initiative: Building business resilience by embedding context into strategy (May 2018, Johannesburg)
- UNEP FI Sustainable Insurance Africa: How business becomes more resilient by embedding context in strategy (April 2018, Johannesburg)  
- Sustainable Brands New Metrics: Context-Based Water Metrics: What Makes Them Meaningful  (November 2017, Philadelphia)  

- Sustainable Brands New Metrics: The Road to Context: Embedding context into strategy (November 2017, Philadelphia)